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Mobile Step Units & Platforms - User Information


  1. Look at the pictogram and read the instructions
  2. Are you fit enough to use a ladder? Certain medical conditions or medication, alcohol or drug abuse could make ladder use unsafe.
  3. When transporting ladders in a truck, ensure they are suitably placed to prevent damage.

Inspect before use

  1. Inspect the step unit after delivery, and before use on every occasion, to confirm condition and operation of all parts.
  2. Ensure the step unit is suitable for the task. Before using a ladder at work a risk assessment should be carried out respecting the legislation in the country of use.
  3. Do not use a damaged step unit.
  4. Remove any contamination from the step unit, such as mud or oil etc.

Erecting the step unit

  1. If the step unit arrives folded, it should be erected in accordance with the erection instructions supplied with the product making sure all locking devices are secured before use.
  2. Do not stand on any part of the step unit while erecting it.

Using the step unit

  1. Do not exceed the maximum load as indicated on the safety label.
  2. Do not overreach.
  3. Metal step units conduct electricity, do not use adjacent to power lines.
  4. Do not use the step unit outside in adverse weather conditions, such as strong wind, rain etc.
  5. Take precautions against children playing on the step unit.
  6. Do not use the step unit near doorways or windows unless these have been secured.
  7. Always use at least one hand to keep a secure grip on the handrail when ascending or descending the step unit.
  8. Do not use the step unit as a bridge.
  9. Always wear suitable footwear when using the step unit.
  10. Do not use the step unit on uneven, sloping, soft or unstable ground.
  11. No more than one person must access the step unit at any time.
  12. Do not step off sideways .
  13. When positioning the ladder take into account risk of collision with the ladder e.g. from pedestrians, vehicles or doors. Secure doors (not fire exits) and windows where possible in the work area.
  14. Face the ladder when climbing.
  15. Do not spend long periods on a ladder without regular breaks (tiredness is a risk).
  16. Avoid excessive side loadings e.g. drilling brick and concrete.

Repair and maintenance

  1. General maintenance should be carried out as indicated on the safety label attached to the product. Any necessary repairs must be carried out by a specialist.
  2. Ladders should be stored in accordance with the producer's instructions.